Charlotte Evans and William

I have been having lessons with Charlotte on my horse William for some time now, and I could not recomend a better trainer. She had supported me through so many competitions and is somebody I can really rely on. Charlotte is a fantastic trainer and this is relfected in her own success as a rider.

Charlotte and Wills

Ali Richardson

Both of my daughters are very different riders and Charlotte has managed to teach them both so they can reach their full potential. I cannot recommend her enough, she combined patients with a caring attitude and really brings the best out in my childrens riding and their horses.

Alison Richardson

Tahnee Walters and Topper

Charlotte has been brilliant with me and my horse. I find her style of teaching to be easy to understand, and I always feel she reads myself and my horse very well! I would defiantly recommend her as an excellent and fun trainer!

Tahnee and Topper

Karis McCabe from The Company of Horsemen

Charlotte has adopted a teaching philosophy of consistently delivering teaching in the way that the individual pupil requires it. She interprets the ways in which you take information in and then matches her method of delivery to them. This along with her genuine interest in each person she teaches clearly demonstrates her commitment to helping people fulfil their potential.

Karis McCabe

Pat Madison and Neo

I'm no spring chicken but I bought a young horse, who through no fault of his own knocks my confidence. Charlotte has helped both of us to such an extent that we will shortly be competing.

Pat Madison

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