Having had the opportunity to ride many fantastic horses thought my career, as well as train with some world class trainers, I have been able to develop my own training philosophy.

I have always trained my own horses from home, having training from many fantastic trainers, some of the most influential have been  Michael Beining, Matt Frost, and Roelof Brink (Holland). I love to work with a horse without pressure, but with passion.  I always use the German scales of training,  so many only think of these in young horses, but every horse I sit on must first have Rhythm, then become Loose, followed by taking and even Contact, provide Implusion and Straightness before Collection.

Training a dressage horse for the future takes time, and strength. I believe a horse should be able to do any movement you require of him, with his head and neck up in a correct out line, but also in a long and low frame. This creates great elasticity and easy of movement. Although this involves a great deal of patience on the riders behalf an investment worth making.

Having come from a showing back ground  I have many tips for the dressage arena, to polish test riding for the big day. So many marks don't need to be lost, and can be saved simply by accurate and clever riding !

I am a certified NLP practitioner, and always use these techniques to enable my pupils to get the most out of their lessons, by talking my clients language. We all know that to be a great dressage rider you need great feel, but this is not how we all learn, some of us need to see things to understand, some need to hear it, and others like to work things out in their head. By using NLP to teach I am able to teach you the way that you as an individual learn, how fantastic is that?! I know that we have all been in a situation where we just don't get it, well NLP eliminates that!!

Dressage is fun, when you feel the difference, see the results, figure out how to improve or hear people commenting on how fantastic you and your horse are, it is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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