You can always start again!

We have all been on a horse in a frame of mind that is probably not the most productive! If you have started your schooling session and feel things aren't going right, or you can see yourself not getting anywhere..... Just stop and remind yourself of a time when you were in that perfect frame of mind, go back in your mind and see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt.  Then you can carry on in your ideal frame of mind!

Always remember you train to learn how to get it right, that doesn't mean you must always get it right. Every mistake teaches you something new and that is very valuable!

Thinking about where your body is

We are often told to create a straight line from our head through our shoulder and hip into our heel. This  is a good line to have, although sometimes it is necessary for us to sit a little more behind the vertical, this can help us to gain a stronger seat. It also means we can create room for the horses back to come up underneath us which is what we are aiming for. If you have a horse that leans on your hands in a downward transition and you alter your seat so you are sat tall but sightly behind the vertical and attach your elbows to your body, when your horse leans in that transition he will not pull your arms away from your body because by closing your elbows into your body he is no longer pulling just on your arms but your whole body. This enables you to start to correct his balance and ride the hind end under to create self carriage.
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